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Modders continue to do astonishing things with the 7-year-old Grand Theft Auto 5


Grand Theft Auto 5 modders are at it again, tinkering with Rockstar's epic to make it look like something you'd need a next-generation console to run.

The video, below, is a wonderfully-put together trailer showcasing a work-in-progress visual overhaul mod called NaturalVision Evolved. While this mod is in the early access stage, it's clear to see impressive work has already been done to the game.

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NVE makes numerous improvements to the weather effects, the game's lighting, ambient colours, world textures and building models, so much so that at points GTA 5 looks photo-real.

The original NaturalVision mod for GTA 5 is the work of a group of modders led by Jamal Rashid, aka Razed. According to Rashid's Patreon, the modders have spent years making this latest version of NaturalVision, which is available in early access form via the $10 per month sub. "It required me to modify hundreds of files / variables, several 3D models and numerous textures to achieve a result that would bring the game to the next-generation of graphics," Rashid said.

The trailer for NVE caused me to go down a bit of a GTA 5 mod rabbit hole. Check this effort out, from 2017:

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Apparently the creator of this mod simply vanished from the scene, leaving it unfinished. But what a looker!

These mods make me wonder what the inevitable GTA 6 will look like on ultra-powerful PC hardware and the next-generation of consoles. The mind boggles, really.

Until then, NVE on GTA 5 is well worth keeping an eye on.