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MMO Wizard101 is taken offline after an unhappy developer filled it with angry messages

"Kings Isle is the worst company I have ever worked for."

A 14-year-old MMO was temporarily taken offline after an angry ex-employee filled the game will unsanctioned messages, including complaints about pay and working conditions.

As spotted by PC Gamer, Wizard101 was forced into unscheduled downtime in order to address in-game messages changed to read "this game is shit" and "dick and balls", amongst others.

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"Wizard101 servers have been temporarily shut down due to an unexpected issue," the company tweeted yesterday. "We will keep everyone updated on when they will be back up. Thank you for your patience."

Just a few hours later the servers were "back up", with the developer apologising for the "in-game disruption" and saying it had "put in a temporary fix and are investigating further to ensure a long-term resolution".

While the developer stopped short of sharing what, exactly, the resolution sought to address, players took to the game's Reddit community to share their findings, which include a server-wide message that said "[Developer] Kings Isle is the worst company I have ever worked for", suggesting the issue may stem from an unhappy employee, be they past or present.

"I fu*king hate my job" read one particularly poetic message, whilst another says: "My name is Walter Hartwell White. This is my confession".

My particular favourite, though, is "BRADLEY COME DOWN TO THE OFFICE THIS INSTANT - the ceo", closely followed by Bradley's last stand: "come into room 102 and I'll beat you up".

At the time of writing, Kings Isle has not commented publicly on the matter and Bradley's fate remains unknown.

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