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Minecraft's cross-play Bedrock Update finally comes to Switch next month

Releasing digitally and physically.

Mojang has announced that Minecraft's cross-play-enabled Bedrock Update - also known as the Better Together Update - will finally be coming to Switch on June 21st.

Better Together launched on PC, Xbox One, iOS, and Android last year and is (as its alternate Bedrock moniker suggests) designed to be the unifying foundation for all versions of Minecraft in the future. Previously, each platform had its own specially tailored version, as created by developer 4J Studios.

Bedrock enables cross-play between all supported platforms (which doesn't include PS4), and will give Switch owners access to multiplayer servers and Realms. It also introduces the Minecraft Marketplace store, Achievements, and a wealth of performance enhancements.

Cover image for YouTube videoMinecraft: Better Together Update is now live! Togetherness ACTIVATED!

On paper, it all sounds absolutely marvellous. However, as Tom Phillips explained last year, for all its improvements, Bedrock occasionally feels like a step back, primarily thanks to its origins as the Minecraft Pocket Edition for mobile. However, Mojang is constantly updating and improving Bedrock with new features, as seen in the forthcoming Aquatic Update.

The new Bedrock version of Minecraft on Switch is entirely separate to the existing Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition, and owners of the latter will get the former for free on release. However, the original Switch game won't be available for purchase once Bedrock arrives.

Mojang notes that a physical version of the new Minecraft Bedrock for Switch will be released alongside the digital eShop version on June 21st.