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Minecraft Dungeons' latest update adds a cut secret level

Cave in to demand.

There's a new secret level to unlock in Minecraft Dungeons - one that was cut from the game pre-release.

Lower Temple is a fresh procedurally-generated dungeon available for free via the game's latest update.

Fans had been aware of its existence for a while, though it was left out of the game at launch. Now, it's unlockable for all - at the same time as the game dropped its first of two paid expansions.

Lower Temple can be accessed via a hidden route in the game's Desert Temple campaign level. Head past that area's first checkpoint until you get to the golden key point, then drop into the door just past that to hit three switches and unlock a scroll which drops the Lower Temple area onto your game's world map.

Here's a simple video walkthrough to all of that:

Cover image for YouTube videoHow To Unlock Lower Temple | New FREE Content - Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens DLC

Minecraft Dungeons' first paid expansion - which you don't need to own to unlock Lower Temple - is also now available. Jungle Awakens adds three new campaign missions and a further secret area to the game (one word: pandas).

Eurogamer's Minecraft Dungeons review found the game to be a fun Diablo-alike for the Minecaft audience "that's just deep enough".