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Microsoft: Twitch app boosted Xbox One usage

Titanfall, unsurprisingly, the most broadcast Xbox One game.

Microsoft has hailed the Twitch Xbox One app, saying it "played a big role" in an increase in usage of the console.

The app launched on 11th March and since then nearly 23m minutes have been broadcast from Twitch on Xbox One. 2.7m minutes were broadcast from Xbox One on launch day, which, Microsoft said, was the most ever for a Twitch console app in its first day.

30 per cent of all Twitch unique broadcasters were broadcasting from Xbox One during the app's first day, Microsoft added.

During the first week 108,000 Twitch users tried broadcasting from Xbox One - or 22 per cent of Twitch's total unique broadcaster count in the same period of time.

Microsoft said "it took another console a month to achieve what the Twitch app on Xbox One did within its first week" - a clear dig at the performance of Twitch on PlayStation 4. But it should be noted that the Xbox One Twitch app launched nearly four months after the Xbox One itself, and so was available to more users on day one than Twitch on PlayStation 4, which launched alongside the console in November 2013.

By comparison, Twitch announced that by the end of 2013 PS4 users represented 20 per cent of its broadcast base. A month after the launch of PS4 125,000 PlayStation gamers had used the service.

The Twitch app was launched on Xbox One in time for the release of Titanfall, and it's no surprise to learn that Respawn's multiplayer shooter was the most broadcast game on Twitch from Xbox One. More than 10m minutes of the game have been streamed from Xbox One so far.

Meanwhile, Microsoft said Xbox Live members worldwide were spending an average of five hours per day "exploring apps, playing games, and watching TV on Xbox One". The average Twitch broadcast on Xbox One is 28 minutes.