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Microsoft dates other party games

Scene It? and You're in the Movies.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has revealed that Scene It? Box Office Smash will be released on 14th November and You're in the Movies a fortnight later on 28th November.

Box Office Smash is the buzzer-based sequel to party game Scene It?, and will be available for GBP 24.99 / EUR 39.99 standalone - for people who already own the wireless controllers distributed with the first game - or for GBP 39.99 / EUR 64.99 in a bundle that includes the buzzers.

You're in the Movies also relies on a peripheral - in this case the USB Xbox Live Vision camera - so that you can take part in camera-based movie mini-games, which are recorded so you can stitch them together into little films and share them online.

YITM will retail for GBP 44.99 / EUR 69.99 in a bundle that includes the Xbox Live Vision camera, and GBP 29.99 / EUR 49.99 standalone.

Microsoft has also announced that Burt Reynolds will be advertising it on TV and in magazines, presumably reprising his Boogie Nights role. "We're about to make film history, right here... on videotape."

We'll have reviews of both of these closer to release.

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