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Metro 2033 Ranger DLC out now

Free on PC, but paid-for on 360.

4A-Games has released Metro 2033 add-on Ranger Pack on PC and Xbox Live.

But whereas PC owners can download this for free, Xbox 360 owners are asked for a 240 Microsoft Point contribution they, er, must make.

"Microsoft rules mean we have to charge for DLC on Xbox LIVE... they let us set the lowest possible price," tweeted the official Metro 2033 account.

The Ranger Pack contains the hardened Ranger game mode. Here ammo is reduced, weapons are more powerful, enemies are deadlier and there's no HUD. Also included are two new weapons: the Heavy Automatic Shotgun and the Volt Driver.

Metro 2033, released in March, admirably stood its ground amid frequent comparisons to the likes of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Fallout 3. The game's premise is that Moscow was reduced to rubble and the population forced underground to inhabit the metro network. Mix in some post-apocalyptic monsters and a reason for you, the hero, to venture out of your commune, and you've got yourself a story.

Eurogamer's Metro 2033 review has the full analysis.

All aboard the 8.33 to spooky town.

Incidentally, a sequel - Metro 2034 - is in development. Publisher THQ told IndustryGamers in July that the game is "a couple" of years away.