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Media Molecule wants to pay you £200 to help improve Dreams

Dream job.

Know your way around PlayStation 4's Dreams? Media Molecule wants to talk to you.

In a new recruitment drive spotted by VGC, Media Molecule is looking for players to contribute to an upcoming beta for Dreams. But unlike many other similar beta tests, this is a "3-phase project" that pays successful candidates £200 for their time upon completion.

As you might imagine, the progress is a little more involved than usual, requiring a questionnaire screener, an introductory video call in early June, a two-week diary study and then a final interview in mid-June.

Right now it appears that only European players can be considered - there are no payment options detailed for non-European residents - and, naturally, all participants will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

ICYMI, the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo released by Epic last week was meant to showcase what it could do on a PlayStation 5 - but that didn't stop a talented Dreams creator from taking a stab at recreating it on a PlayStation 4. The recreation was made by artist Martin Nebelong, who has worked for Dreams developer Media Molecule so knows his way around the game.

"After watching the Unreal Engine 5 demo I had to try and make something inspired by that, in Dreams," Nebelong said. "I'm completely blown away by the fidelity of UE5 and the possibilities near-unlimited polygons could mean for games. What Epic has achieved with their Engine is utterly amazing!"

Still not entirely sure what Dreams is? Join Digital Foundry's Alex Battaglia and Tom Morgan as they sit and discuss their impressions of the creativity title so far, including some technical assistance from Media Molecule itself.

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