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Mass Effect joins Classic range in March

Extra disc of content and only 20 quid.

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ShopTo has told Eurogamer that a two disc edition of Mass Effect will join the discounted ranks of Classic Xbox 360 games here on 20th March.

Our shopkeeper friends heard the news from official distributor GEM. Microsoft is keeping shtum, saying there are no announcements to make, but did confirm the recently-launched US version is part of the Platinum range exclusive to that region.

The Classic edition of Mass Effect will sell for GBP 19.99 and include an extra disc featuring a Future of Mass Effect documentary as well as the Bring Down the Sky downloadable content. Various design galleries, music and trailers are also included.

That Future of Mass Effect documentary was leaked onto the internet recently, and revealed that a Fight Club-style arena will be the next DLC added to Mass Effect.

The video also confirmed transferable characters between series instalments, and said Mass Effect 2 would be a "much darker experience" than the first game.

Mass Effect 2 will be out before April 2010 and appear on multiple platforms, although we're not sure what these will be; Xbox 360 and PC makes sense.

Mass Effect blends squad-based shooter combat with a consequence-laden, epic story the BioWare name has become synonymous with. Head over to our Mass Effect review to find out why.

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