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Mass Effect Andromeda lets you craft and name weapons

There's also a melee weapon slot for swords, hammers.

You can craft and name your weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda - a first for the series.

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer players may remember hammer-wielding krogan. You wouldn't want to get in their way.

The details come from Mass Effect Andromeda lead designer Ian S. Frazier, who confirmed this also applies to the game's suite of melee weaponry.

If you missed the original announcement, Andromeda lets you use actual melee weapons instead of the omni-tool blade you could stab enemies with in Mass Effect 3. Swords and hammers were previously confirmed.

Frazier has now confirmed melee weapons have their own specific slot in your loadout, just as other types of gun had in the past.

Weapon crafting is a feature brought over from Dragon Age, BioWare's other role-playing game series. 2014's Inquisition also had this ability.

Hands up if you're going to name your rocket launcher Gjallarhorn?

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