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Major Dead by Daylight changes will shake up gameplay

"The single largest reduction to grind we've ever made."

Major changes are coming to Dead by Daylight, including an overhauled progression system and tweaked perks.

The aim is to shake up the current "meta" and re-balance the game, forcing players to consider new tactics and strategies.

The changes will be added in the forthcoming mid-chapter update for Chapter 24: Roots of Dread - that hits the public test build on 29th June and will be fully implemented in July.

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The biggest change comes to the progression system, specifically with Prestige that resets the level of a character to increase the chances of unlocking rarer nodes in the Bloodweb.

Now, prestiging a character for the first time unlocks Tier 1 of their perks across all characters and will be the same for Tier 2 and 3 perks.

It means this is "the single largest reduction to grind we've ever made, cutting it by roughly 75 percent," says Behaviour Interactive.

Further, prestiging a character no longer resets perks and items. Prestige tiers have been increased to 100 with more unlockable rewards.

When the new system is implemented, Behaviour assures that all existing unlocked perks and items will be retained.

Another major change is to the perk system. This will impact both Killers and Survivors in order to rebalance perks. A full list can be found on the Behaviour blog.

Further gameplay changes are also coming. For instance, it will now take longer to power up a generator, with the aim of promoting increased interactions between Killers and Survivors.

Improvements are being made to Killer gameplay as kill rates are lower than expected. Breaking pallets and kicking generators will be quicker among other changes, to ensure "the Killer feels like an unstoppable force to be feared".

Other changes are coming for Survivors to reduce tunnelling and camping. That includes Endurance and Haste effects when unhooked, allowing increased chances of escape.

For the full list of changes, check out the Behaviour blog.

Roots of Dread launched earlier this month and introduced new Killer The Dredge.

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