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LostWinds tops WiiWare chart

Blows raspberries in faces of others.

Nintendo's European marketing chief, Laurent Fischer, has revealed that LostWinds is currently king of the WiiWare chartcastle. The game is pointing and laughing at the likes of TV Show King and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, who occupy second and third places respectively.

Speaking exclusively to, Fischer revealed that the Frontier Developments title is winning the race in Europe and assigned its success to a clever use of the Wiimote and the game's unique approach.

Whilst the marketeer wouldn't reveal specific figures, he did claim that the number of sales, and their consistency, have been 'encouraging', also making the point that sales were following similar lines of development across all territories. Whether or not the top three sellers are the same overseas wasn't discussed.

It's a minor triumph for the European side of the industry, as both LostWinds and TV Show King are products of European developers - with Crystal Chronicles coming from Japanese giants Square-Enix. We can understand LostWind's success, having awarded it a crispy fresh nine, and we like Crystal Chronicles too.

LostWinds can be yours to keep and treasure forever for the very reasonable asking price of 1,000 Wii Points, or approximately EUR 10/GBP 7.