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Lost Planet PC demo dated

Next week, says Capcom.

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The PC demo for Lost Planet will be available to download next week, on Tuesday 15th May.

It will give you the chance to test out the better graphics for yourself, seeing why DirectX 10 and higher resolutions make a difference. We should probably also point out that you'll be able to play it in DirectX 9, too, so don't panic.

The full PC version is expected in June.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition was released for Xbox 360 earlier this year. It's a third-person shooter that takes place far in the future on an inhospitable and frozen alien planet, where humans can only survive by using thermal energy harvested from the native race of insect-like Akrid.

You play as Wayne, a young gun after vengeance on a particularly big and nasty Akrid that butchered his father. However, you'll soon find out that laying waste to hordes of overgrown bugs using mechanoids and futuristic weapons isn't the only solution as the real enemy emerges.

Head over to our Xbox 360 review of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for more information.

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