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Lost Ark players told to "avoid" its Tytalos raid as it's "not performing correctly"

A hotfix will hopefully go out on Monday.

Struggling with Lost Ark's Tytalos Guardian raid? You're not alone. That's why Smilegate has taken the surprising step of telling players that it "strongly suggests avoiding" the raid until it's fixed.

"We are aware of an issue within the Tytalos Guardian Raid that makes defeating Tytalos in the time frame alotted extremely difficult for the power level required to participate in the Guardian Raid, creating a blocker for progression," the team explained in a brief update shared over the weekend.

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"We are working with Smilegate RPG on a hotfix to address this issue which we are aiming to release on Monday. For the time being, we strongly suggest avoiding the Tytalos Guardian Raid so you do not expend valuable time or resources on an encounter that is currently not performing correctly."

The team adds that it's looking at ways it can give "compensation" to players who've been "block from progressing" due to this issue with Tytalos.

"We will share more information as soon as we have it. We thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter," the post concludes. A hotfix is expected to go out tomorrow, Monday 14th March.

Smilegate is still working to control bots and "illegitimate accounts" in Lost Ark.

Just last week, the developer banned over a million Lost Ark accounts it believed were bots, saying that its team "has been hard at work on crafting effective tools and methods to identify and remove bots from the game" and acknowledging that "in this massive ban wave, it is possible that a small number of players may be erroneously identified as bots". This week, however, the team said this was "just one step in an ongoing battle" and is developing "internal methods and tools to make it much more difficult for bots to enter the game".

Lost Ark is now Steam's second-biggest concurrently played game ever. Its big March update is now here, introducing those aforementioned new end-game raids and story quests, alongside a couple of additional treats, including a limited-time Arkesia racing event and its first PvP season.

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