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Lords of the Fallen's Enter the Ancient Labyrinth DLC is due next week

New trailer shows the goods.

Lords of the Fallen's Enter the Ancient Labyrinth DLC is due next week.

According to its Facebook and Twitter pages, it's coming to Europe on 3rd March and North America on 4th March, but this sounds like a mistake as usually Europe's PSN gets games on Wednesdays while North America receives its weekly updates on Tuesdays. The trailer below also lists a 3rd March release date paired with an ESRB (US ratings board) rating. We're looking into confirmation on this.

[Editor's Note: A Bandai Namco rep has since issued the following statement: "Our understanding was that the DLC release was set for March 3rd on PC, March 4th for console.]

At any rate, the DLC is set in a "long-forgotten library, locked away between the human and demonic realms millennia ago" where you must hunt the demonic lord of the Rhoger army. In short, it will look something like this:

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Our Dan Whitehead found Lords of the Fallen to be an entertaining, but ultimately forgettable clone of From Software's Souls series. "As tribute acts go, it's a passable riff on a much better game," he wrote in his Lords of the Fallen review. "For all its rough edges, if an easier, less obtuse variation on From Software's combat RPG is all you crave, then it will certainly reward you with a lot of game for your money."

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