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Lords of the Fallen final update introduces modifiers for rogue-lite challenge

Hexworks acknowledges unstable launch.

Lords of the Fallen main character in helmet and fur armour raising sword and holding glowing blue lantern
Image credit: Hexworks

Lords of the Fallen has reached the final stage of its free content roadmap, as developer Hexworks acknowledges the technical difficulties that hampered the game's launch last year.

Master of Fate, as the modifier is known, will allow players to randomise seven different aspects. Choosing to randomise enemy spawns and loot drops alongside permadeath, for instance, effectively turns the Soulslike into a rogue-lite.

Since the launch of Lords of the Fallen in October, Hexworks has been frequently updating the game with quality of life tweaks, performance improvements, and new content.

Lords of the Fallen - Version 1.5 - Master of FateWatch on YouTube

The game's executive producer and head of studio at Hexworks Saul Gascon admitted in a video alongside the modifier launch that due to being one of the first studios using Unreal Engine 5, Hexworks was "navigating completely uncharted territory from a technical standpoint".

"Despite our best efforts, some people experienced unforeseen technical issues when Lords of the Fallen first launched," he admitted, "and you rightfully brought it up to our attention."

Gascon has now claimed the likelihood of an in-game crash is under one percent, among other performance improvements and a more stable multiplayer experience.

"I'm pleased to say that the Lords of the Fallen experience is the best it's ever been," he said.

Other modifier options include withered healing - where health items won't fully heal the player unless they deal damage to enemies - and mob density. All modifiers can be tweaked at vestige checkpoints.

Eurogamer's Lords of the Fallen review criticised the game for its poor performance, as well as its lack of identity away from imitating FromSoftware's Soulsborne games. At the least, it seems performance issues have been addressed.

Still, this update comes just ahead of Elden Ring DLC expansion Shadow of the Erdtree, FromSoftware's largest expansion to date.

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