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Looks like Overwatch's Lucio-Ohs are being turned into a real breakfast cereal

Prepare for a "sonic vanilla" taste sensation.

Eagle-eyed internet scourers have uncovered evidence that Lucio-Oh's, Overwatch's fictitious Lúcio-themed breakfast cereal, is set to become a reality, thanks to Kellogg.

Word of this mildly amusing revelation comes courtesy of The Junk Food Aisle, which spotted a listing for the cereal - inspired by an Overwatch spray - on One Food Service, an online "product catalogue for food service buyers". Real-world Lucio-Oh's (and, for the record, I'm firmly on the side that believes that's one 'o' too many) are apparently "sonic vanilla" flavoured, and will reportedly release on December 3rd.

If the thought of having a gob full of Overwatch-branded sugar dust isn't quite enough to set your heart racing with delight, then perhaps the news that each box includes the opportunity to acquire a free Overwatch Loot Boost will be. Loot Boosts, if you're unfamiliar, give players a second loot box the next three times they level up.

Lucio-Oh's in their original spray form (L), versus Kellogg's effort (R).

Granted, neither Blizzard or Kellog has confirmed the authenticity of the newly discovered Lucio-Oh's cereal, but that pack shot - although much changed from its original in-game design - is certainly convincing. Additionally, the two companies are already working together on a similar Overwatch promotion, making the new venture more believable still.

Assuming that Lucio-Oh's are the real deal, it remains to be seen whether they'll go global. Maybe we'll get D. Vabix and HanzoCo Pops over here instead.

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