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Looks like dogs may be extinct in Starfield

Paws for thought.

Starfield art promised animals
Image credit: Bethesda

According to Bethesda, a lot is going to happen between now and 2330, when Starfield is set. Most obviously, if we follow the timeline setout by the developer, humans will be able to gallivant around in space and planet hop as casually as popping across The Channel for a quick visit to France. In fact, possibly even more casually than that.

But, one thing that also apparently changes between now and 2330, is that dogs seem to go extinct. Or at least, labrador retrievers certainly do.

Starfield's live action trailer.Watch on YouTube

As shared by the prolific Can You Pet The Dog? social media account, it appears that man's best friend is a thing of the past for those members of Constellation.

A recent post on the account noted that while Bethesda teased animal companions ahead of Starfield's release (as you can see in the header image above), they are nowhere to be seen in the game.

But while players are yet to be joined by a four-legged friend, they can come across an item called Chocolate Labs.

This item's description reads: "Centauri Mills' chocolates, shaped like an extinct canine called a Labrador Retriever". These chocolates will restore five health in the game, so even if they are extinct, those good boys still have our best interests at heart.

Starfield touches down on PC and Xbox Series X/S (including via Game Pass) in just a few days time. Of course, many are already blasting their way through the galaxy thanks to the fancier edition of the game that allowed players to get early access.

This period of early access has evidently been a success for Bethesda, with Steam and Twitch numbers remaining strong over the weekend. These numbers will surely skyrocket when the game is made available to an even wider audience later this week.

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