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Let off steam with this Doom NFT mod

Ape escape.

As the games industry reels from NFT backlash, a new mod has been created for Doom 2 that allows you to screenshot monkeys.

NFT Doom, a mod by Ultra.Boi, allows you to race through hell with demons replaced by those demonic apes from Bored Ape Yacht Club often sold as NFTs.

Instead of shotguns, chainsaws and BFGs, Doomguy now sports a camera with which to screenshot those pesky primates.

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It's a fun nod to "right-clickers", people saving and screenshotting NFTs to undermine their value.

And with each screenshot, the apes disappear with a hugely inflated price tag as their value is shot to pieces.

Here's the mod in action.

The mod satirises the rise of NFTs in gaming, what with Ubisoft launching Quartz, Peter Molyneux selling imaginary land in a business game, and Stalker 2 developer GSC Game World reversing its inclusion of NFTs following severe criticism.

Shooting monkeys is certainly an acceptable inclusion though.

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