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Left 4 Dead dev reveals next-gen IP Evolve

Asymmetrical multiplayer sci-fi shooter due this autumn.

Turtle Rock Studios, the developer who spawned Left 4 Dead before Valve incorporated it into its brood, has announced its upcoming new IP, Evolve.

As revealed by Game Informer, Evolve is a competitive multiplayer sci-fi shooter due this autumn on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game will put four players in the role of alien hunters facing off against a player-controlled monster. The creature may be alone, but it "grows larger and more powerful over the course of matches." How exactly this works is yet to be determined, though Game Informer noted that each of the four human players will have their own unique items and abilities.

Evolve was originally being published by THQ, but following the publisher's bankruptcy the new IP was acquired by 2K Games for $10.8 million.