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Leaked Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom TV ad shows previously unseen footage

Loose lips Link ships.

An upcoming TV ad for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has leaked, giving us a glimpse at a few more, previously unknown, details.

Beware elements that could be considered minor spoilers for Tears of the Kingdom below. If you want to head into the game as fresh as you can, this is your cue to head elsewhere.

Nintendo's final pre-launch trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.Watch on YouTube

The video, which popped up last night on reddit, is a TV spot for Nintendo's sequel, likely planned for the game's launch next month. Some of the footage we have seen before, such as Link using Ultrahand to build a Hylian hovercraft, but there are some small glimpses of new things I will detail below.

The ad kicks off showing Link using his glider to, well, glide, down towards Hyrule Castle (which is suspended above the ground on tendrils of malice - something we see happening in previous Zelda trailers). This is the first time we have seen him approaching the castle from this angle, after it is consumed by the evil-looking malice energy.

We also see Link running between the game's sky islands on previously-unseen rails. They look to be the sort that were perhaps once part of a minecart route. Link loses his balance here, and begins to fall back towards the land. (I assume the player would have deployed the glider at this point, but we don't see that happen in the ad.)

The next new detail from this trailer: it confirms there will be different varieties of Gleeok enemy in Tears of the Kingdom.

We saw a Gleeok in yesterday's trailer, and this particular chap now seems to be confirmed as a "Flame Gleeok". This makes it more than likely that we will also see other elemental Gleeoks across Hyrule, perhaps ice/frost and water variants.

Link is also seen using his new Ascend ability in this trailer (just as a reminder, this is the ability that allows Link to pass through solid objects above him). This time, he uses it to negotiate an enemy's tree house-style fortification.

Lastly, Link can be seen in a new, dimly lit area. Nintendo's official Tears of the Kingdom site notes that Hyrule will now have "dank caves" for players to explore, so perhaps this is one of them (the same site has also confirmed where the game will start, if you want to find out).

Here, Link uses his arrow to trigger some kind of botanical light source on the side of a tree. This helps illuminate the area around him. Another tree can also be seen to one side, and this one is wrapped around something that looks like a huge orb of amber.

For more Tears of the Kingdom speculation and analysis, you can check out my trailer breakdown from yesterday here.

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