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KOTOR remade in Unreal Engine 4 looks like a dream come true

Endar wait!

What would 2003 game Knights of the Old Republic look like in 2016, in Unreal Engine 4? Moreover, if you remade and remastered it what would you do?

Behold Knights of the Old Republic: Apeiron (via Gamespot) a reboot trying to bring these dreams to life.

A comparison of new Taris vs original Taris.
Not sure where this is but it could be the Endar Spire ship you wake up on.
Tatooine new and old.
Dantooine. Blimey.
Remember that Taris cantina and That Twi'lek dance?
Lightsaber prototypes.
New Taris in fuller glory. Phwoar.
Lower City Taris.

KOTOR: Apeiron is a voluntary community project still very early in development and with no discernible timeline, as is often the case with community projects. And it's wildly ambitious, claiming it will not only remaster the game with new visuals but also remake and expand it.

"Apeiron is a remake and remastering of the original game with added content, new worlds, missions, HUD, inventory, items, and companions," the project's website says.

And Apeiron will be completely free, because it has to be - because as soon as any money changes hands, IP holder Disney, which has apparently given the project the green light, will shut it down.

BioWare released Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in 2003, before its EA days, and to great critical acclaim. But it never followed it up - those duties going instead to Obsidian Entertainment, which did a memorable but unfinished job with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords.

BioWare would then go on and make its very own space IP with Mass Effect, which was no doubt heavily influenced by the success of KOTOR. Thing is, Mass Effect's existence now makes a new Knights of the Old Republic game a tricky thing to come about, despite repeated calls from the core community for a third game. Why would EA release something like that in any kind of proximity to Mass Effect: Andromeda, which is coming out sometime this financial year, which ends 31st March 2017?

Moreover, why would EA release any big new storied Star Wars game in any kind of proximity to what Visceral is making under the leadership of former Uncharted creator Amy Hennig? Nevertheless, EA has the Star Wars rights, so it's to EA we will have to look.