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Konami launches free-to-play PES 2019 Lite

That's a steal.

Konami has launched a free-to-play version of PES 2019.

PES 2019 Lite is now available to download for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam.

It includes modes such as offline exhibition matches and skill training, alongside the PES League Mode, which itself includes 1v1 or co-op competitions. You can also use PES League mode to qualify for global events via the 3v3 co-op Online Championship time-limited tournaments.

Crucially, PES 2019 Lite includes myClub move, which is PES' take on FIFA Ultimate Team. Here you can sign players to build a fantasy team and take it online.

Cover image for YouTube videoPES 2019 LITE Launch Trailer

PES 2019 has struggled for impact amid the behemoth that is EA's FIFA series. The game plays well on the virtual pitch, but, as I wrote in my PES 2019 review, it's a bit of a shambles off it.

In early September, we reported PES 2019 physical launch sales were 42 per cent down on last year's installment. Even if a few more people bought the game as a digital download this year, it's another big plummet for Konami's football series.

Konami lost the Champions League licence this year after a decade of exclusivity, and it of course popped up in FIFA 19. Exclusive leagues for PES 2019 include the Scottish Premiership.