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The FIFA 19 leaks continue - this time it's new celebrations

Oh, and Jesse Lingard doesn't like his haircut in the game.

FIFA 19 recently held a closed beta which was under embargo - but that hasn't stopped images and videos leaking out.

Hot on the heels of the leaked image that showed new FUT chemistry ratings for players, new videos have shown a raft of new celebrations for some of the most famous players in the world.

First up, we have Jesse Lingard doing the Milly Rock dance.

Here is the Manchester United and England star doing the Milly Rock in real life.

Cover image for YouTube videoLingard Milly Rock ARS vs MAN UTD

Yeah, FIFA 19 doesn't have the best Milly Rock in the world, does it?

Sticking with Manchester United players, in FIFA 19, midfielder Paul Pogba can do his Billy Dance.

Paris superstar Kylian Mbappé now has his trademark arms folded celebration in FIFA 19.

Apparently the Take the L dance, popularised by battle royale phenomenon Fortnite and used by many footballers as a goal celebration, is not in FIFA 19 - well, not in the beta, anyway. Perhaps it'll be added to the game for launch.

Elsewhere in the land of football video games, a couple of Premier League stars have had a moan about how they look in FIFA.

In a tweet, Lingard complained about his haircut in FIFA, tweeting EA Sports directly.

Crystal Palace star Wilfred Zaha chimed in to say he was equally miffed about his haircut in the game, which sparked a swift response from PES maker Konami. Konami can't compete with moneybags EA Sports when it comes to official licenses, but it's got EA Sports' number when it comes to virtual hair.

And it sounds like Zaha's impressed.