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Kojima under "pressure" to make MGS

Not sure another studio could do it, either.

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Speaking to Develop, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has said that he's under pressure from Konami to continue the series - a series he's tried, publicly and several times, to draw a line under.

"Yeah, there’s absolutely pressure there," he said. "Maybe if I quit Konami that pressure might be a bit better, but since Konami handles the business side of our operations, yeah, there’s definitely a demand continue a series as successful as Metal Gear."

But he also admitted that he's not sure anyone outside his studio is capable of making a true Metal Gear game.

"I think that what you might expect from a Metal Gear might only be possible from Kojima Productions, rather than leaving it to an outside studio to produce a satisfactory product," Kojima said. "But, then again, if I got an offer saying a company wanted to do it, maybe!"

Kojima productions is currently teasing what's expected to be an E3 reveal of its next game. A number 5 features on the teaser website.

In the interview, Kojima says he's been touring Western developers, inclduing Call of Duty creators Infinity Ward, to study their working practices and see how he can make Kojima Productions a "bigger, more global" studio.

He also says that, despite the unwieldy length and cost of Metal Gear Solid 4's development, he's not ready to retreat into smaller-scale games.

"Personally, I’d love to work on a smaller project. But, thinking about the time I have left to survive, I’d rather spend that time working on bigger projects."

Watch out for more Kojima Productions news from E3 in a couple of weeks' time.

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