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Killer Instinct Classic 2 outed on Korean ratings board

A bonus for Killer Instinct's second season, perhaps?

A listing for Killer Instinct Classic 2 on Xbox One has appeared on a Korean ratings board (via NeoGAF).

This makes sense as a port of the original Killer Instinct was packaged in as a bonus with the Xbox One Killer Instinct remake's Ultra Edition.

As such, it's presumed this port of the 1996 fighting game will come with a bundle of its successor's second season. We've reached out to Microsoft for details on this, but have yet to hear back.

Killer Instinct Season Two is being developer by Divekick studio Iron Galaxy Studios. It will kick off this autumn and its first free character will be boxer TJ Combo. Also coming to the rebooted series' roster is Maya, Queen of the Amazons.