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Original Killer Instinct re-release comes in two flavours

Won't be sold separate of the new Xbox One Killer Instinct.

Remember this?

Microsoft will re-release the original Killer Instinct as part of the new Killer Instinct in two flavours.

Killer Instinct Classic, which comes with the Killer Instinct Ultra Edition, is two versions of Rare's 1994 fighting game: the original Killer Instinct arcade game, and the rebalanced version that ditched Cinder's infinite combo.

In an interview with Siliconera, producer Torin Retting confirmed Killer Instinct Classic won't be sold separately.

"Killer Instinct Classic is a complete port of the original Killer Instinct arcade game, and you can ONLY get it with the Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct," he said.

The original Killer Instinct re-release is based on the original arcade ROM (v1.4), glitches and all. Killer Instinct Classic is based on the revised version (v1.5D). Microsoft has added a training mode, scan lines to emulate a CRT and galleries of the original sprites.

It won't feature online multiplayer, though, but Retting said the team has been talking about adding it.

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