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Keep your eyes peeled for planet Sugas-Uomi when No Man's Sky comes out

"It's not the prettiest planet. I've seen better. But I've also seen a lot worse."

During Sony's E3 press conference last night Hello Games' Sean Murray played eye-catching PlayStation 4 game No Man's Sky, showing off combat, exploration and the massive scale of the space game in a five minute demo.

Murray's demo, which you can see in the video below, begins with a glimpse at space combat - a battle between two factions Sean is free to get involved with or ignore.

He shows the huge scale of the game by pulling back to give us a view of the universe - each point of light a sun with its own group of planets, each planet with life and an ecology. In the distance is the centre of the galaxy - "that's where we're all trying to get to," Murray says.

He picks a system at random to visit. There, a planet, called Sugas-Uomi, waits to be discovered. A scan unveils points of interest - a red icon represents a beacon, which Sean flies down to. Beacons are where you upload discoveries.

"This is planet E3. It's not the prettiest planet. I've seen better. But I've also seen a lot worse."

Every planet in every solar system is fully destructible, Sean demonstrates, by shooting the environment from a first-person perspective with some kind of sci-fi laser gun. But robot Sentinels protect the planets from explorers, and attack.

Sean retreats into a pool, and discovers fish. "There's some E3 fish," he quips. He finds the beacon to upload the discoveries.

Then: "We'll announce a release date soon, I promise." Gamescom, perhaps?

When No Man's Sky does come out, players may run into the planet Murray discovered on stage during Sony's E3 press conference last night. Keep your eyes peeled for Sugas-Uomi (discovered by Sean-E32015)!

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