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No Man's Sky's Interceptor update adds corrupted worlds, useable Sentinel tech, more

Out today on all platforms.

After a bit of a VR-focused update back in February, Hello Games has once again turned its content nozzle on No Man's Sky, blasting out pilotable Sentinel ships, corrupted worlds, and more in the exploratory space sim's new Interceptor update.

Interceptor picks up where February's Fractal update left off, making the new Interceptor ship class (previously an expedition-exclusive reward) available to everyone. However, given these vessels' unique Sentinel-tech, players will need some special resources to make them tick.

As it happens, Sentinels factor heavily in No Man's Sky latest update, with players also able to acquire Sentinel Multi-Tools and Sentinel jetpacks. Additionally, it's now possible for well-armed Travellers to take on powerful Sentinel Capital ships, with victory against the new threats clearing a player's "wanted" status and earning new high-value rewards.

No Man's Sky's Interceptor update trailer.Watch on YouTube

Interceptor also introduces corrupted worlds, where a strange crystalline blight has twisted sentinel guardians into new forms, including corrupted drones, huge mechanical spiders, and their smaller crab-like children. Expect powerful resistance from these new additions as they fight back using stealth tech, flamethrowers, and explosive weaponry.

Once it's safe to explore, though, corrputed worlds will reveal the likes of downed Interceptors to pilfer, secret equipment, and new buildings, including abandoned camps.

Rounding out No Man's Sky's Interceptor update are new custom wonders, VR improvements - including wrist interface controls and enhanced visuals - plus performance improvements on Xbox consoles. Full patch notes can be found on Hello Games' website.

Interceptor launches today on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and VR as a free update for all existing players.

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