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Just Cause 3 WingSuit app offers interactive 360 degree VR videos

The future of gameplay trailers?

Just Cause 3 - WingSuit Experience is a new free app that allows you to see snippets of exciting Just Cause 3 footage where you control the camera.

Where you look is dependent on how you tilt the device and there's VR support in case you have Google Cardboard or any other VR headset.

The app's main emphasis, as the title implies, is on the WingSuit and there are several videos offering guided tours of Just Cause 3's map where you follow along Rico's death-defying descent. He won't simply glide around an island either, as the super soldier will get into a series of scrapes with his foes before he even hits the ground.

There are also features that let you examine bits of Medici and learn about the history of its key towns, should you want more background on the place you're going to wreak havoc upon come 1st December when Just Cause 3 launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Just Cause 3 - WingSuit Experience can be grabbed on the App Store or Google Play.

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