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Just Cause 3 developer promises PC bug fixes, asks fans for patience

"We need a little bit of time."

Just Cause 3 developer Avalanche Studios has said it is committed to improving the game's PC version, but will need some time to do so.

The explosive open world action game arrived on Steam two days ago. Fan response has been positive, but some players have complained about the game's number of bugs.

Avalanche has now posted to the game's Steam page explaining that a PC patch is coming, but won't be released in the immediate future:

"We know that some of you are encountering some technical issues - we're looking into them all and we're fully committed to providing you the best possible experience," Avalanche said.

"We know you're going to want specific information on when a patch will land and what will be fixed - we would love to give you that information, and we will as soon as we have it.

"But right now, a little over one day since we launched, we have huge numbers of players in our enormous game world and we're monitoring all the data coming in.

"We need a little bit of time to recreate some of these issues and build fixes. Rest assured though - we are fully committed to making Just Cause 3 as awesome as possible."

Digital Foundry has already cast its beady eye over Just Cause 3 with a performance analysis of the game on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Each of the versions has its own graphical foibles. Avalanche has yet to detail when console editions might get updates of their own.

"A bombastically enjoyable action game with serious performance issues gets spread too thinly over a vast map," Dan Whitehead decided in Eurogamer's Just Cause 3 review.

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