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It's potboy vs lobster in this Elden Ring Tekken mod

Plus Tekken director responds.

A new Elden Ring-themed mod for Tekken 7 lets you duel as all the greats: namely potboy and lobster.

Modder Ultraboy has created the mod (available on Tekken Mods) that replaces various Tekken characters for new Elden Ring models.

For instance, Melina replaces Iidia, Malenia replaces Kunimitsu, and Ranni the Witch replaces Kazumi, as well as other bosses and player characters.

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And it gets weirder: Heihachi is replaced by a random lobster, Gigas is replaced by potboy (or Alexander the Living Jar to use his proper name), and Kazumi's tiger is now Torrent the spectral steed.

A video of the mod has since gone viral, showing off the detailed character models in action.

What's more, Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada has responded.

"Um... Sure, Elden is a Bandai Namco-funded title, and I was the production general manager in charge of Elden, so it's not irrelevant ... it's ridiculously well-made mod but plz stop it lol," he tweeted.

A fan asked if he meant stop the mod or for fans to stop notifying him, to which he replied that people were assuming the mod was official.

"U probably don't know, but there r surprisingly many ppl who think this is official one or make various misunderstandings & contact us. I DON'T say anything for ur personal enjoyment, but I want u to know that there r ppl in ur community who make noise based on misunderstandings," he said.

Modders have had a field day with Elden Ring mods, from new difficulty modes, to pitting bosses against each other, and even a transmog system. And of course, there's also Thomas the Tank Engine.

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