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iPad 2, iPhone 5 have multi-core power?

Rumoured specs show serious grunt.

Reports abound that the next generation of iPhone and iPad hardware will run (nay, sprint) on multi-core processors and feature screen resolutions higher than many desktop monitors.

That processor will be made by Qualcomm and be dubbed the A5, according to Engadget, and be under the hood of all three upcoming devices: iPad 2, iPhone 5 and Apple TV 2.

AppleInsider goes on to claim that the iPad 2 will use that power to produce resolutions that potentially reach 2048 by 1536 pixels.

The iPad 2 will also apparently feature a camera on the front and back, an SD slot and launch in April, to coincide with anniversary of the iPad 1 launch.

The iPhone 5, meanwhile, is reported to represent a rethink in iPhone design - albeit one presumably under the hood. Word is that Apple staff are testing the device internally as you read this, and that a summer release is planned.

The unwritten word is that games will look and perform much better on iPhone 5 and iPad 2. And when you consider Infinity Blade as today's technical benchmark then the future is bright indeed.