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Infinity Blade 2 ClashMob update due next week

Join forces with thousands of players to take down huge bosses.

A major new Infinity Blade 2 update due to go live on 12th April adds an ambitious new "ClashMob" mode to Epic's hugely successful iOS sword combat title.

As detailed by IGN, you'll be able to team up with thousands of other players to slowly chip away at huge bosses boasting a massive amount of HP. Should the enemy be toppled in a set period of time all those who've fought it will be rewarded with exclusive loot.

Developer Chair Entertainment hopes to have around three challenges ongoing at any one time, each of which will take on a slightly different form.

One example offered was a scenario in which the player is tasked with doing as much damage as possible to a Titan in 30 seconds. Their results are then totted up and added to the cumulative total.

Another challenge has you trying to hoover up as many treasure bags as possible in a 30-second-long on-rails sequence.

Should you manage to recruit more of your connected friends to take part you'll be rewarded with various extras, such as additional combat time, bonus cash and more ClashMob attempts.

Some ClashMobs will be limited to more advanced players to ensure novices don't win powerful, potentially game-breaking weapons.

The free update also adds 24 new pieces of equipment to get hold of, a redesigned gem swapping interface and a new gem forge feature.