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Fix coming for Infinity Blade 2 crash bug

Epic blames app-laden iPhones.

A fix is in the works for an issue that is causing iOS sequel Infinity Blade 2 to crash on some device, publisher Epic has announced.

A post from Epic VP Mark Rein on the publisher's forums explained that the game is running out of memory on iPhones and iPads that are "heavily laden" with apps.

"For example if you have a large number of apps installed iOS must cache all those icons to give you smooth performance when you hit the home button," he explained.

"Unfortunately the machines we tested on didn't have massive numbers of apps installed on them so we think this how we think we missed this particular condition."

Rein added that a "quick fix" will be available "as soon as possible".

"One more thing," he added. "When apps run of memory at loading time that is something that is often fixed by restarting your device. So I recommend that people try restarting their device to see if that solves it for them.

"I say this because the game runs fine on my iPad1 which I restarted before playing the game."

The Chair-developed slice 'em up arrived on the App Store late last night to measured Eurogamer acclaim.

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