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Immortals Fenyx Rising's second DLC Myths of the Eastern Realm gets March release date

Adds Chinese mythology inspired map and hero.

Immortals Fenyx Rising, Ubisoft's greek mythology inspired open-world adventure, will be getting its second helping of paid post-launch DLC on 25th March.

Myths of the Eastern Realm, as it's known, moves away from Immortals' usual Olympian action, instead following a new hero, Ku, on a journey - taking place long before events of the main game - across a new open-world map inspired by Chinese mythology.

"When a brutal war breaks out between Heaven and Earth," explains Ubisoft, "humanity is turned back into the clay that the Goddess Nuwa formed them from. But...Ku, escapes the curse of the broken heavens and emerges into the fallen world."

Cover image for YouTube videoImmortals Fenyx Rising: Post Launch & Season Pass | WIP Gameplay Capture Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]
Immortals Fenyx Rising post-launch and Season Pass trailer.

New deities and monsters are promised as the action unfolds (plus a familiar face or two), alongside a unique fighting style based on Chinese martial arts.

Myths of the Eastern Realm will be available as part of Immortals Fenyx Rising's £34 Season Pass (included with the Gold Edition) when it arrives on 25th March, and, if previous DLC A New God is any indication, should also be released separately for around £12.

A third and final Immortals expansion, known as The Lost Gods, is yet to receive a release date. It returns to Fenyx as the world is ravaged by cataclysms caused by renegade deities, bringing new brawler-style combat, a new top-down isometric perspective, and a new playable human hero called Ash, armed with unique abilities and a customisable upgrade system.