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IGF 2010 challengers announced

The next Braid? World of Goo?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The Independent Games Festival has revealed the 306 contenders vying for the 2010 crown.

Each has a chance at the Seumas McNally Grand Prize ($20,000), named as such to honour the creator of Tread Marks, who died of Hodgkin's lymphoma after claiming IGF top honours in 2000.

More recent winners are Darwinia (2006), Aquaria (2007), Crayon Physics Deluxe (2008) and Blueberry Garden (2009).

Other categories are Excellence In Visual Art, Excellence In Audio, Innovation Award, Technical Excellence, Best Web Browser Game and Audience Award. Each awards $2500 to the winner.

Winners are announced at the San Francisco Game Developers Conference in March.

Head over to the IGF website for a full list of entries. Try a few.

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