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Wii: First in the queue

We talk to the men at the front.

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Reports yesterday suggested that the Nintendo Wii queue outside London's Oxford Street HMV - venue of the official launch event - first sprang up on Tuesday. We couldn't quite believe this. What manner of creature, for goodness sake?

And what kind of gigantic fool would brave the tornado-swept streets of London at gone-midnight just to find out what the poor lad had been doing about sanitation?

Patrick Garratt How long have you been here for?
Marwan Elgamal

Since Tuesday at 5pm.

Patrick Garratt Have you been sleeping out here?
Marwan Elgamal

Yeah, I've had a tent and everything.

Patrick Garratt What happened when you needed to go to the toilet?
Marwan Elgamal

There was a bin around the corner. I just did it in there.

Marwan Elgamal, 17, from Wembley - first in the line in London.
Patrick Garratt Why are you so into Nintendo?
Marwan Elgamal

I've grown up with it and I've enjoyed myself so much during Nintendo games. Everything's just great, and the games are so much fun. They keep doing it. They keep bringing the gameplay, so I'll keep playing.

Patrick Garratt Does the motion aspects of Wii make it so interesting for you or is it the games themselves?
Marwan Elgamal

It's the games. They know how to play. I got to try out Twilight Princess and it's tailor-made. It works so well. It attracts me so much.

Patrick Garratt You don't want to play Twilight Princess on GameCube?
Marwan Elgamal

I'm going to get Twilight Princess for GameCube but I'm going to leave it sealed because I'm collecting all the Zelda games.

Patrick Garratt Are you into DS as well?
Marwan Elgamal


Patrick Garratt Do you play other systems as well? Have you got a 360?
Marwan Elgamal

I was going to get a 360 a couple of weeks ago, because I played round my friend's house on Xbox Live and it almost sold it to me, but it's not enough to get me to get a 360.

Patrick Garratt Have you played Gears of War?
Marwan Elgamal

Not yet, no.

Patrick Garratt Does that sort of game appeal to you as much as Zelda?
Marwan Elgamal

It does appeal to me, but not as much as Zelda. I grew up with Zelda and it's my favourite game. I need Zelda.

Patrick Garratt What are you actually going to buy today?
Marwan Elgamal

I'm going to buy Twilight Princess. I'd buy Twilight Princess before the Wii because I want it more than the Wii itself. And I'm going to get Red Steel and Super Monkey Ball. And Wii Play to get the extra remote.

Imagine if his card was declined.
Patrick Garratt How much is that going to cost you in total?
Marwan Elgamal

£300 plus. But I've been saving.

Patrick Garratt You're not bothered about spending that much money?
Marwan Elgamal

I'm not bothered about spending that much money.

Patrick Garratt Are you going to get a PS3 when they come out as well?
Marwan Elgamal

I'm not planning on it, but maybe if there's money to be made in it. It's too expensive. I don't really care about the PS3.

Patrick Garratt You're not arsed about the games?
Marwan Elgamal

I haven't seen anything that great. They don't bring out much. Resistance: Fall of Man is the only title that everyone's been talking about, so I might try it out. But I'm not really interested.

Read on to hear what second in line, Daniel Kirby, had to say for himself.