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Huge Rift update announced

New invasion, raid zone, items detailed.

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Trion Worlds' Rift MMO is getting a substantial chunk of new content next week, less than a month after it first launched.

The patch, which goes live on 30th March, adds a new invasion that sees a lass called Alsbeth the Discordant lead her armies across Telara. With a name like that, it's safe to assume she's not delivering cupcakes.

Over the course of a week, all participating players regardless of what level they're at will get access to "hundreds" of new items while turning back the offensive. Exclusive rewards include a Spectral Horse and a "transmogrifying" disguise that turns Ascended into zombies.

Once the invasion is over, the new items will be gone forever, so fill your boots while you've got the chance.

A new raid zone called River of Souls will also be added with the update.

"If Ascended are successful in their efforts to drive back the invasions, they can journey to the 'River of Souls' 20-man raid zone at the edge of the Plane of Death where Alsbeth the Discordant is reanimating the recently departed and recruiting them into Regulos' army," read Trion's colourful blurb.

"Guardian and Defiant heroes will have to wade through these decaying hordes to reach Alsbeth and make her account for her abhorrent crimes."

Rift launched earlier this month scoring a hearty 8/10 from Eurogamer's John Bedford.

"If you hanker for a new world – one that feels familiar yet fresh, with an atmosphere of discovery and experimentation – then Rift stands proudly, ready to greet you with open arms," he wrote.

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