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Huge Infinity Blade update this week

Multiplayer, new modes, more items.

A family-sized portion of new content is on its way to iOS slice 'em up Infinity Blade later this week, developer Chair Entertainment has revealed.

From this Thursday, you'll get access to Infinity Blade: Arena – the game's new online multiplayer mode that sees you slicing up your chums as either a Titan or Knight.

On top of that, there's Survivor Mode in which you'll see how long you can survive against an endless legion of Titans.

The free update also adds new seasonal helms, as well as more than two dozen new magic rings, swords, shields, and helmets for players to collect.

New Facebook integration allows fans to view their character on their profile page and share screen grabs with friends.

Finally, there's new achievements, additional leaderboards and "some new surprises" as well. Check out the screens and art below for more details on the new additions.

Priced at a mere £3.49, Infinity Blade launched late last year, scoring a sharp 8/10 from Eurogamer's Mark Brown.