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How to unlock every AR Challenge in Batman: Arkham Knight

All of the story progress and other prerequisites needed for unlocking every single AR Challenge in Batman: Arkham Knight.

You'll be able to unlock quite a few fun AR Challenge as you work your way through Batman: Arkham Knight, but you'll need to have reached a certain point of the main story before each one becomes available. You might also have to complete a special pre-requisite too, even if you've reached or gone past the appropriate stage in the game.

Here's our quick guide to unlocking every single AR Challenge in Batman: Arkham Knight, from the handful that help out with the opening tutorial, to those that are closer to the game's epic conclusion.

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AR ChallengeTypeBecomes availableAdditional Prerequisites
Fear Multi-TakedownTutorialChapter 1None
Grapnel Boost MK IITutorialChapter 1None
Predator FundamentalsTutorialChapter 1None
Summon, Eject and Glide"TutorialChapter 1None
Throw CounterTutorialChapter 1None
Weapon Energy DiagnosticsTutorialChapter 1None
Combo MasterCombatChapter 1Run, then dive straight off a roof
One Man ArmyBatmobile CombatChapter 1Leap 50 meters or more with Batmobile Afterburner
Road RageHybridChapter 1Drift without stopping for at least three seconds
Mightnight Fury TTBatmobile RaceChapter 3Do a 300 metre glide after ejecting from the Batmobile
Natural SelectionBatmobile CombatChapter 3None
Revive and ShinePredator Chapter 3Use Fear Takedown to deal with three enemies
Tower DefenseCombatChapter 3Pick up a downed enemy into Beat Down
UntouchableBatmobile CombatChapter 3Unleash three critical shots during a tank battle
Batman and NightwingCombatChapter 5Use three Quickfire Gadgets in a Free Flow Combo
David and GoliathHybridChapter 5Use three Counters in one Free Flow Combo
Drone ZoneHybridChapter 5Call the Batmobile and drop in the seat from gliding
Seek and DestroyHybridChapter 5Take down joyrider's cars from a glide or on foot
Slumdog BillionaireBatmobile CombatChapter 5None
Terminal VelocityPredator Chapter 5Deliver an Environment Takedown to a brute enemy
Big Game HunterHybridChapter 7Charge and fire a Level 4 Batmobile weapon
City Heat TTBatmobile RaceChapter 7Use three Gadgets during a single glide attack
Knight Time StrikeHybridChapter 7Deliver two perfect shots during a drone tank battle
Under the Pale MoonlightPredator Chapter 7Force an enemy into a trap with Voice Synthesizer
Azrael's AtonementCombatFinish 'Heir to the Cowl'None
CrushonatorBatmobile RaceRiddler's RevengeNone
CondemnedBatmobile RaceRiddler's RevengeNone
Mental BlockedBatmobile RaceRiddler's RevengeNone
Smash and GrabPredator Two-Faced BanditNone

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