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How to start the new Dragon Age: Inquisition story DLC Jaws of Hakkon

Minimum suggested level of 20.

Our intrepid reporter Tom Phillips is digging into the just-released Dragon Age: Inquisition story DLC Jaws of Hakkon, and we thought it would be useful to explain how to get it started.


First up, when you boot up the game with the DLC installed, you're alerted to a fresh active quest set in the add-on's new Frostback Basin area.

Head to the War Table in Skyhold and from there, to Ferelden. You'll see a new mission marker has been added at the base of the map: Investigate Frostback Basin.

Selecting this requires you to spend eight power, and details a request for help from an Orlesian professor who hopes to work with the Inquisition to discover ancient relics that may help your campaign.

The mission completes immediately. You're then taken to the new area and greeted, once again, by your faithful sidekick Scout Harding, alongside the university professor, who set you on a quest to find out what happened to the last Inquisitor, a mystery person who was around some 800 years ago.

It's worth noting the new area has a minimum suggested level of 20, so it's considered high level content. We've spotted new dialogue from the main cast of characters and new music.

We'll have more once we've played through Jaws of Hakkon.

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