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How to complete In the Hot Seat in Destiny 2

Everything you need to know to quickly complete this Solstice Triumph.

As Guardians bask on the revelry of the Solstice of Heroes in Destiny 2, completing the event challenges to earn Kindling and upgrade Sunlit armour is a top priority. However, one challenge - called In the Hot Seat - has left players somewhat vexed, unclear about how to make progress.

The 'In the Hot Seat' triumph in Destiny 2 is part of the Solstice Event Card. It’s required in order to earn the kindling needed to upgrade all of the Sunlit armour, and necessary to unlock the Flamekeeper title.

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How to complete the In the Hot Seat Solstice triumph in Destiny 2

The text of In the Hot Seat reads, 'Complete Activities on Neptune to earn Silver Leaves.' Naturally, that means you’ll need to head to Neptune to make progress. What is less clear is what type of activity counts as progress.

Only activities that reward Silver Leaves count, and the list of things that qualify is actually pretty small:

  • Public Events
  • Lost Sectors
  • Strike
  • Raid

Public Events can be found by opening the Director and looking for the Public Events icon on the map. They can appear in any of the primary open world areas of Neptune, and reward a small amount of progress upon completion. Heroic versions reward more progress than the standard variants.

There are three Lost Sectors on Neptune. Hydroponics Delta is in Zephyr Concourse, Gilded Precept is in Ahimsa Park, and Thrilladrome can be found in Liming Harbor. You’ll need to defeat the boss and open the List Sector chest to earn triumph progress.

The only Strike on Neptune is HyperNet Current. You could launch the Vanguard Ops playlist and hope this comes up by chance, but it’s easier to just launch this strike directly. To do this, open your Director and navigate to Neptune. Look for the strike icon on the map, and select it there. Matchmaking is active, so random players will be pulled to fill out your fireteam if you have space. Progress is rewarded shortly after the final boss is defeated.

Root of Nightmares is the Raid for Neptune. The full Raid is a mechanic heavy challenge, which we fully breakdown in our Root of Nightmares guide. Keep in mind that you only need to defeat Nezarac, the end boss, in order to get credit towards In the Hot Seat. If that’s your primary goal then feel free to join a buddy at a boss checkpoint to expedite the process.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Fastest sources for In the Hot Seat progress in Destiny 2

Guardians have several options for getting through In the Hot Seat, so which is the best? It will vary a bit by player, but in most cases the best option will be the HyperNet Current strike.

The different activities reward different amounts of progress. HyperNet Current is a relatively quick strike (under fifteen minutes, typically) and every successful completion adds 30% progress to In the Hot Seat.

Lost Sectors aren’t a bad option, but only reward 10% progress. These will generally take from five to ten minutes each for most players, making them less efficient than Strikes.

There aren’t a lot of Public Events on Neptune, and many are times based. It’s also often comes down to luck of the draw if any of the random Guardians who join you know how to turn them into Heroic Public events. Earning 6%-10% progress slowly isn’t generally the best way to get this done.

The Raid is the big wild card. A full Raid can take hours, but if you can join a Root of Nightmares attempt at the final boss can make this extremely fast. A successful clear is worth 70% progress. Whether or not your group can eliminate Nezarac on the first try, or you all get wiped out repeatedly by this difficult boss will depend on you and your fireteam.

Good luck completing In the Hot Seat!

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