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How to find Hard Stone and make a Hammer in Harvestella

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Hard Stone is one of the many materials you can collect in Harvestella.

It will also most likely be the first material you go searching for in Harvestella, because, without Hard Stone, you won’t be able to complete your first Memo - Make a Hammer.

Below you’ll learn how to find Hard Stone and, once gathered, how to make a Hammer in Harvestella.

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How to find Hard Stone in Harvestella

Hard Stone can be found in Harvestella by interacting with Mining Hotspots, which are located within many of the game’s different locations.

Mining hotspots are represented by a rock icon and, after you’ve mined one for the first time, this icon will appear on your map. While each Mining hotspot grants you two items per day, mining does reduce your Stamina and you’re not guaranteed to receive Hard Stone.

You may find it difficult to collect Hard Stone during Chapter 1 of Harvestella since you only have access to your farm, Lethe Village and a limited amount of Njord Steppe. There are three Mining hotspots in the small section of Njord Steppe open to you, but there’s a chance you’ll receive other items, like Monlite Fragments, while doing so.

Thankfully, your farm contains a number of Mining hotspots - just remember to check the Small Field, which is accessed via the southern entrance in your main farming field.

There are a number of Mining hotspots on your farm.

How to make a Hammer in Harvestella

You need to collect 10 Hard Stones to make a Hammer in Harvestella, which you can easily find by following our instructions above.

First, however, you need to unlock Crafting, which, thankfully, is very easy to do as it will unlock automatically on Spring Zephyr Day 3.

Once Crafting is unlocked and you’ve gathered 10 Hard Stones, visit the Crafting table inside your house. Here you’ll be able to see all of the Crafting Recipes you’ve currently unlocked and, since you most likely won’t have many, the Hammer Recipe will be easy to find.

The Hammer will also only take 10 minutes to craft and, once it’s done, you can destroy the small rocks on your farming field!

Hope you’re enjoying Harvestella!

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