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Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck Lego revealed

That's Aloy of bricks.

Lego will continue its range of video game-related releases with a set based around Horizon Zero Dawn - or more specifically, this week's sequel Forbidden West.

The Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck set will launch on 22nd May and sell for €79.99 (UK pricing TBA), according to German site Promobricks.

Included in the set is a highly-detailed Lego minifigure of Aloy, and a towering model of a Tallneck robo-dinosuar for you to build.

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The model stretches to 34cm in height, while its base clocks in at 21cm. In total, the set contains 1222 parts.

Lego is yet to officially announced the set itself, though images and videos are now spreading amongst the Lego fansite community, where word of a Horizon Lego set first leaked just before Christmas.

"Another beautiful technical achievement, Horizon Forbidden West is held back by clunky characters and new features that lack purpose," Malindy wrote in Eurogamer's Horizon Forbidden West review.

Lego has so far launched extensive ranges based around Mario and Minecraft, and last year revealed a Sonic the Hedgehog set for the mascot's 30th anniversary.

In January Lego said it had suspended the launch of an Overwatch 2 set and was currently "reviewing" its partnership with publisher Activision Blizzard due to that company's ongoing controversies.

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