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Hitman 3 is the most successful game in the series

New maps and storylines coming soon.

New content is coming to Hitman 3 next year, and a roadmap for 2022 has been laid out.

With 50 million players, the game is the most successful of all time within the Hitman series.

January 2022 brings three new additions: ray tracing on PC, a VR mode on PC, and Elusive Target Arcade.

Cover image for YouTube videoHITMAN 3 - Year 2 Announcement

The latter is described as a new way to play the fan favourite mode in the "ultimate Elusive Target challenge".

Further down the line, IO Interactive promises new maps, storylines and other modes that are currently under wraps. More news on all of that will be shared soon.

A video detailing the new content thanks fans for their support since the game launched in January this year.

For more details visit the IO Interactive blog.

In our Hitman 3 review, we described it as "a satisfying end to a beautiful stealth trilogy".