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Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch puzzle solution, and spoiler-free hints for finding other Death in the Family clues

How to find every clue in the Dartmoor murder mystery.

Hitman 3's Death in the Family centres around a murder mystery as part of the Means, Motive, and Opportunity story mission.

Once you have assumed the identity of the private detective, you then meet with the butler and are tasked with solving the murder of Alexa Carlisle's late brother.

This page provides a spoiler-free explainer to finding all the Death in the Family clues - it's more fun to work things out yourself, after all - as well as a direct solution to solving its most difficult puzzle, using the Mysterious Switch.

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Hints to finding all Death in the Family clue locations in Hitman 3

The Means, Motive, and Opportunity story mission has you gather clues to the possible murderer by exploring the Dartmoor level.

Though it's possible to conclude the investigation quickly provided you have enough clues to pin the murder on one person, the mission allows you to continue gathering them so you can convince Alexa Carlisle it could be one of several suspects.

It's highly recommended you find all possible clues to make your own conclusion, and end the mission as you see fit.

Due to the number of clues, and possible spoilers in naming specific locations and suspects, we won't be outlining a blow-by-blow of where to find every clue. Instead, here is a list of hints to help you unlock them all:

  • Once you have spoke to each family member - all of which are in the mansion - gain access to their rooms. If they are locked, there is usually a second way in - try climbing out of a nearby window, or by procuring a crowbar.
  • Each room has a number of clues to find. Go into your Intel screen to know exactly how many are left to find.
  • When exploring rooms, use the Instinct mode to highlight objects. Everything could be a possible clue - if are you missing one or two clues, then try picking up everything to see what happens.
  • Clues can also come in the form of photographs. You can see what objects need to be photographed with your camera by the map screen. If you are struggling to pin down a photograph location, use the L3 button on the map screen to zoom in and see more precisely where the clue is.
  • It's not just in the mansion you can find clues - remember to investigate certain locations within the grounds as well.
  • Access every area within the grounds and the first and second floors of the mansion - you know somewhere has yet to be visited by the 'pin' icon on the map.

Hopefully the above provide enough hints to help you find every clue. You know you have when you have three possible suspects in total. From here, you can be confident in going to Mr. Fernsby to present your findings to Alexa Carlisle.

We also recommend making a manual save before announcing the murder suspect so you can see how all three outcomes playout, earning associated challenges for each in the process.

How to solve the Mysterious Switch puzzle in Hitman 3

Chances are, once you have done the above steps, there is one location you've yet to gain access to - found in the west of the second floor of the mansion, next to the library.

Investigating closer, there is a Mysterious Switch on the floor next to a bookshelf, which requires an item. By sourcing the item and using it on the switch, you can gain access to the location.

This is the toughest clue to find in the Death in the Family mission, so don't worry that you've had to look online for a solution. That said, here are some hints so want to try and work it yourself first, with each clue becoming more specific as to what you need to do:

  1. The Mysterious Switch requires an item found within the mansion.
  2. The item you need to find cannot be added to your inventory - it must be carried from elsewhere.
  3. The Mysterious Switch is on the ground. Is there an item which can reach it with ease?
  4. The item is one of the clues you have found as part of the murder mystery - but likely have overlooked.

Figured it out yet? Again, not to worry if you haven't - it's a little more unusual than most Hitman 3 puzzles.

The Mysterious Switch puzzle works as follows - be warned of spoilers if you still want to work it out yourself!

How to use the Mysterious Switch in Hitman 3Watch on YouTube

The Mysterious Switch requires an item elsewhere. Specifically, it's one of the clues you have found in Emma and Gregory's Room, the Bulldog Cane, which is located just to the right as you enter the door.

Head there - the room is just north of the library, going down the corridor on the second floor - and pick it up.

Now return to the library. The prompt for the Mysterious Switch will now change so you can use the item.

Doing so will slide open the bookcase and reveal a secret room. Inside is one clue which can open up another suspect in the murder case.

Once you have this - and all other clues from the rooms and grounds - it's time to present your findings to Alexa Carlisle.

Whoever you decide to pin the murder on, however, is up to you. Whatever choice you make, from here it's now easy to complete the second objective - find the case file