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Hideo Kojima's heartfelt goodbye to Metal Gear

"Sorry it took so long."

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has waved goodbye to the Metal Gear series in a heartfelt video in which he visits the family of a fan who recently passed away.

The first half of the video, below, is an eye-rolling cacophony of praise for the superstar Japanese designer, whose Metal Gear Solid 5 launched yesterday to rave reviews.

The second half of the video sees Kojima visit the home of Metal Gear fan Sean Paul Gillespie, who died in February 2015 of cancer aged just 21.

Kojima recalls receiving an email from Sean last December, when Kojima Productions was at its busiest working on Metal Gear Solid 5. Kojima shared Sean's email with the development team, which used it as motivation to complete the project.

The video ends with a personal message from Kojima, who apologises for the time it took to develop Metal Gear Solid 5, and thanks his players for their support.

The video is both sad and uplifting. It's worth a watch.

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