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Metal Gear Solid 5 - Rescue the Intel Agents: Kiziba Camp, CFA Officials location

How to infiltrate the forest, find the escaped Intel Team member and extract them to safety in Metal Gear Solid 5 - The Phantom Pain.

Welcome to Metal Gear Solid 5 - Rescue the Intel Agents, the 17th main story mission of the game, following on from Traitor's Caravan.

Rescue the Intel Agents Mission checklist:

  • Extracted Intel Team member escaping through the forest north of the camp
  • Extracted Intel Team member being held at Kiziba Camp
  • Extracted 2 CFA officials
  • Extracted prisoner being held at Kiziba Camp
  • Extracted 4 search team reinforcements
  • Extracted the transport truck driver
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Back in the chopper, bring up your mission list and select 17-Rescue The Intel Agents. Next, choose the Landing Zone to the north-west of Kiziba Camp and - once the Sortie Prep screen appears - set Quiet as your buddy. Finally, set the Drop Time at 0600 and commence the operation.

It seems that two members of your Intel Team have been captured by enemy forces in the area. One of the prisoners has escaped and, when the mission begins, his predicted field of movement (based on his last known position) will be added to your iDroid. The second prisoner is still being held captive at the nearby camp. Your task, unsurprisingly, is to locate and extract both men.

Rescue the Intel Agents: Locate the escaped Intel Team member

Once you land, immediately turn to face south-east. Directly ahead, you'll see two yellow objective markers on your HUD - the left-most marker indicates the last-known position of the escaped team member, and the right-most marker denotes the location of the still-captive prisoner.

We'll start the mission by investigating the escaped prisoner's whereabouts. Head toward the left-most objective marker, sloshing across the waterlogged field, then drop to a crouch once you're alerted to the presence of hostiles nearby.

Up ahead, you'll spot several large buildings surrounded by patrolling guards. Approach the long, north-western-most building and take cover along its south-west-facing side. Glance south-east and you'll spot a road running through the centre of the encampment. Immediately locate the guard in the black balaclava - he'll either be patrolling the road or stationed inside the building.

Tranquillise the guard and Fulton him out of the area. Assuming you extracted the right soldier, he'll supply you with additional intel and the exact location of the captive prisoner will be added to your map. If not, continue extracting nearby guards until you have the information you need.

Infiltrate the forest and extract the escaped prisoner

Next, cross the road to the south-east (staying low and keeping watch for roaming hostiles) and begin winding around the huts ahead. When you spot the watchtower situated on the hill nearby, scale the incline and enter the building directly behind it. Grab the optional prisoner from the ground then carry him back outside. Finally, Fulton him out of the area.

With that taken care of, locate the nearest yellow objective marker (somewhere to the east) and continue moving toward it. As you pass the last of the huts, you'll find yourself on the outskirts of a small forest. This area marks the last known location of the escaped Intel Team member - and, unfortunately, is teeming with enemy patrols looking for their missing prisoner.

Continue toward the yellow objective but proceed cautiously, staying prone and using the long grass as cover to avoid detection. Be warned that several of the guards on search duty are covered from head-to-toe in heavy armour. As such, you won't be able to dispatch them silently with tranquilliser darts; instead, bring them down from behind.

Your target will be roaming the forest somewhere inside the area highlighted on your map. Sadly, you'll need to pinpoint his exact location the old-fashioned way: using your eyes.

Don't dawdle, however: if the enemy scouts find your target before you do, you'll only have a minute or so to rescue him before he's executed. When the radio announces that the prisoner has been discovered, move quickly and eliminate his captor - if you're too late, the mission will fail. Once the escaped prisoner is in your sights, Fulton him out of the area.

Locate the captive Intel Team member

When you're ready to continue, locate the last remaining objective marker and begin heading toward it. You'll find yourself moving south-west (more or less) and should shortly arrive on the outskirts of Kiziba Camp. You'll recognise this as the waterlogged outpost from earlier in the game.

Locate the tall windmill on the other side of the water and note the large building directly beneath it. Your target lies in a cage to the rear of this building. The quickest, easiest way of reaching the area is to move counter-clockwise around the camp's perimeter, keeping low in the grass as you head toward your destination. Be careful, however: if you're spotted, the enemy will radio in some tough CFA reinforcements. On the plus side, extracting four of these will complete a hidden objective.

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Extract the captive Intel Team member

Once you reach the cages to the rear of the building, locate the wooden planks on the ground and slip along the tunnel beneath them. You'll find the second prisoner bound at the end of the tunnel, sadly too injured for Fulton extraction. Quickly hoist him onto your shoulders and return to ground level. Next, point yourself west and then dash toward the portable comms dish on the hill nearby.

Keep on running west once you reach it, slipping down the other side of the hill. Immediately summon a chopper to airlift you and your target out of the area then sprint on over as quickly as possible. When you arrive, deposit the prisoner inside the chopper and climb in after him to end the mission. You'll receive the Cipher's Cargo [2] cassette tape as a reward. Hoorah!

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