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Metal Gear Solid 5 Blueprint locations list: How to unlock all Handguns, Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles

How to unlock every collectible Blueprint in the game.

As you play through the Phantom Pain, you'll be able to acquire special Blueprints which allow you to develop new equipment back at base. Some of these are simply found in specific locations, while others are provided as rewards for completing special assignments or Side Ops.

Here's a breakdown of all of the Blueprints available in the game, and what you'll need to do in order to unlock them.

Blueprint locations list: How to unlock all Handguns, Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles

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UN-ARCAssault RifleSearch Wakh Sind Barracks
G44Assault RifleSearch Ditadi Abandoned Village
FLAMETHROWERD-Walker UpgradeComplete Mission 31 then search Munoko ya Nioka Station
ISANDO RGL-220Grenade LauncherSearch Kungenga Mine
HAIL MGR-4Grenade LauncherComplete Destroy the Uranium Centrifuges
GEIST P3HandgunComplete Break Through the Blockade Force
WU S333HandgunComplete Restore the DMZ
URAGAN-5HandgunComplete Mission 16 then search Bampeve Plantation
ZORN-KPHandgunComplete Defend the Pipeline
UN-AAMMachine GunSearch Nova Braga Airport during Mission 21
LPG-61Machine GunComplete Recapture the Port Facilities
STUN ARMProstheticComplete Side Op 6: Serak Power Plant
FB MR R-LAUNCHERRocket LauncherComplete Liberate the Tanker
IR-SENSORSecurity DeviceComplete Side Op 7: Qarya Sakhra Ee
ANTITHEFT DEVICESecurity Device"Complete Side Op 8: Masa Village, East Guard Post
GUN-CAM DEFENDERSecurity DeviceComplete Side Op 9: Nova Braga Airport
UA-DRONESecurity DeviceComplete Side Op 10: Afghanistan Central Base Camp
RIOT SMGSubmachine GunComplete Side Op 5: Wialo Village
ZE'EVSubmachine GunComplete Search and Destroy Remaining Forces
MACHT 37Submachine GunComplete Mission 23 then search Kungenga Mine
KABARGA-83ShotgunSearch Mfinda Oilfield
BULLHORN SGShotgunComplete Prevent the Coup d'etat
BAMBETOV SVSniper RifleComplete Mission 6 then search Lamar Khaate Palace
AM MRS-71Sniper RifleComplete Destroy the New Fighter Aircraft
BRENNAN LRS-46Sniper RifleComplete Mission 23 then search Lufwa Valley
PB SHIELDShieldComplete Mission 6 then search Smasei Fort
STUN GRENADESupport WeaponSearch Kiziba Camp

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